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Welcome to the MYAP Tutoring Center, where we are dedicated to providing your child with personalized educational support to enhance their academic journey. We want to assure you that the MYAP Tutoring Center is a distinct and specialized program, completely separate from the Myap after-school activities. Our primary goal is to focus on your child's individual needs and help them grasp their curriculum thoroughly. Here at the MYAP Tutoring Center, we have a team of licensed teachers from New York City working closely alongside your child. These educators are committed to fostering a conducive learning environment and ensuring that your child receives the attention and guidance necessary for academic success. We look forward to partnering with you to help your child thrive in their studies.

Convenient Times

    •Sessions available from 6 PM to 8 PM

    •One-hour sessions to fit your schedule

    •Affordable Pricing:

    •Quality education at a reasonable cost

    •Scholarships and discounts available

    •Licensed Teachers

    •Expert educators dedicated to your success

    •Certified professionals with a passion for teaching

    •Minimal Technology Needed:

    •Easy-to-use platform for seamless learning

    •No need for advanced technology skills

    •Interactive Learning:

    •Engaging lessons to keep you involved

    •Interactive activities for a dynamic learning experience

For Additional Information Please Call or E-Mail:


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