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MYAP has given generations of children a safe and rewarding environment to explore new and enriching experiences that foster educational, recreational, and physical growth. We believe all children deserve a safe and supervised, environment to develop into well rounded youth, and eventually adults. Our daily academic enrichment, science club, debate club, chess club, dance program instructed by professional dance teachers,  sports program, arts & crafts, etiquette class, vocal lessons, language clubs, and much more provide children with the skills and assets essential for growth. 


MYAP is comprised of strong leaders who are caring and skilled; each staff member is professionally selected and screened. The MYAP staff members have extensive backgrounds in education, guidance and child care. Each staff member at MYAP is CPR certified to ensure the safety of all children. 


At MYAP we know that each child possesses his or her own unique and intriguing way of learning & developing both socially and physically. Our mission is to reinforce valuable fundamentals of life in a diverse, healthy, nurturing, safe, and memorable environment. We pride ourselves on knowing that we have made a difference in the life of every child that will one day go out into this big world. We believe that afterschool programs should be a fun, significant experience and at the same time, we strongly believe the skills and lessons we are teaching will make a huge difference throughout their personal lives. At MYAP children are challenged to be the very best they can be! 


MYAP afterschool enrichment provides academic enhancement and a variety of fun extra curriculums every day (that are subject to change). Our program makes homework the first priority, but allows students the opportunity to develop new skills and creatively express themselves in a fun and supportive environment. Students participate and learn an array of daily activities including: debate club, dance program, sports program, science club, chess club, vocal lessons, etiquette class, arts & crafts, languages, and much more.

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